Sei Network's premier liquid staking and core pillar DeFi protocol

Unlocking your locked liquidity within the Sei ecosystem using a combination or lous and staelecons

$SEILOR utility & The governance token of Kryptonite


Governance participation.SEILOR holders can participate in platform governance, including voting rights and the ability to propose changes


Value capture. SEILOR holders can share in the value generated by the Kryptonite Protocol, such as fee distributions and other protocol revenues


Platform privileges. SEILOR holders are entitled to various privileges provided by the platform, such as access to exclusive events, airdrops, and other incentive programs


Voting rights. SEILOR holders can vote on governance proposals, influencing decisions on parameter adjustments, new feature additions, and protocol upgrades


Community engagement. SEILOR holders can engage with the community, participate in discussions, provide feedback, and contribute to the growth of the Kryptonite ecosystem

On-chain value

SEILOR tokens offer a variety of utilities to holders and stakers. These collectively make it among the most high-utility LSD tokens ever.

  • Nodes

    Stakers of SEILOR can assign DAO-vetted node operators, bringing additional value locked to the protocol.

  • Incentives

    SEILOR holders vote to approve incentives & rewards for contributors towards the utility of the protocol.

  • Fees

    SEILOR stakers receive reduced fees across the money markets products for liquid staked SEI.

  • Premium Features

    Based on the amount staked, SEILOR stakers unlock higher leverage, better lending rates, are first to get new LSD utilities and other features.

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